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Thanos 4 years ago
I am inevitable
LOL 5 years ago
Elsa Jean is like a more attractive Piper Perri with a more adult-like body while still being small, and she can actually suck a dick. Piper Perri is a garbage actress.
damndamn 5 years ago
fucking lucky guy, but bitches don't know to fuck
Cowboy 5 years ago
I would build them both a brand new pussy when om done no shit
Who’s Pussy is Tighter? 3 years ago
Elsa is cuter, and has a fat pussy, nice tan and her ass is on point Piper is smaller, either way dude is being to gen take with these bitches, fuck the shit out of them! Pound them both!
ethan 5 years ago
^^fuck JEff
Wow 5 years ago
That bitch can't ride for shit.
Piper is so tiny lol 5 years ago
Looks like a tooth oick
Neymar 5 years ago
Fuck that guy
3 years ago
Piper perri talk and Think big pornstar but she Will never come up to Elsa jean status and respect in porn becuse she talks like a stupid fuck and why is she in porn? I dont think its sexy and turns me on to see young skinny looking like underage suck and be fucked by a big monster cock and fucked hard and brutal It looks like if a kid be fucked by big animal cock and She do what she beentold like a whore and nothing more